Phangisile MaMtshali Manciya

Now on sale: Makoti Enters The Kraal

"An absorbing, emotional and chilling tale of African mythology and the practice of witchcraft, Makoti Enters the Kraal is also a fascinating account of makoti, exploring the life and culture of African family life and will keep you gripped until the last page."

-- Karen Perkins, bestselling author of the Valkyrie Series and Thores-Cross

Ndiwe is Makoti - a new bride of the Mantshinga family. Madly in love and excited for her new life, she soon realises that not all is as it seems, in particular the strange, menacing family cat, Madevana. Just what role does the feline play in the family? And why is she treated with such respect and awe?

About Phangisile

I love myself, family, and Africa. I enjoy farming, music, writing, reading sci-fi/fantasy and traveling.

I was born to the Mtshali Clan in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal. That is on the east coast on the southern tip of Africa. Mine was a farming family, where music was a hobby and singing a daily activity.

I am a proud mother to Chikondi Mangaliso Msizi, a wife to Sihlwele Manciya and sister to Lindiwe, Jabulani, Bonginkosi, Muzomuhle and Zipho. Oh, my friends are the family members I have chosen and adopted.

I trained as a journo and I masquerade as a farmer and hotelier (please visit the Kwahlangbeza site for more info). I am a social entrepreneur dedicated to helping communities in the fight against HIV in Africa, viral Hepatitis and Diabetes in China and India. My motto is: "Communities have an in-built ability to survive - they know best what is good for them and they know how to put their 'collective' foot down."

When I grow up I will be a sci-fi and fantasy writer, a public speaker and continue to see the world. For now I want to share with you about my life, my travels and the (unbelievable) people I meet."


Core Competencies

Programme development and management, community development specialist, strategic communication and public participation specialist and international executive.

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